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Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational Testing Services Offered: 

With immediate openings available to test, children, teens and adults for a wide range of developmental, cognitive, learning and emotional challenges, such as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, TBI, Anxiety, Attachment and Behavioral Challenges. 


We partner with parents to use testing to help solve a number of important challenges, such as:

  •  Gaining diagnostic clarity and a better understanding of one's learning strengths and weaknesses

  • Making educational decisions about school selection, classroom placement and testing accommodations

  • Identifying the impact of medical conditions (e.g., epilepsy, concussions)

  • Evaluating the impact of interventions or treatments since the last evaluation

  • Gaining authorization to initiate services paid for by health insurance

We strive to make the testing experience seamless and transparent by being responsive to parents' needs and concerns each step of the way. Testing is a major investment that can provide powerful clarity for parents and change the trajectory for children who are struggling.

Here's an overview of what makes our testing program unique:


● Experienced - Our evaluator is a highly experienced, licensed psychologist (not trainee) who has conducted more than 1000 evaluations, which means she is fluent testing all ages and diagnostic challenges.

● Efficient - A skilled "detective" who can synthesize information from multiple sources into a clear narrative and path forward with practical solutions to the most pressing issues. Since we only accept a limited number of new referrals at once, we can complete the entire testing process in 6-8 weeks!

Dr. Manal Zoabi

FAQ's of Psych Testing 

What is included in this type of evaluation? ​​​​
A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation includes a series of assessments that evaluate various abilities including: 

  • ​Intellectual Functioning:
    Verbal comprehension, Visual Spatial Skills, Reasoning Skills, Working Memory, Processing Speed & Full Scale IQ 

  • Language Function: 
    Communication, Pragmatic Functioning, Receptive Skills, Expressive Skills, Phonological Processing 

  • Executive Functioning: 
    Attention, Planning, Concept Formation, Problem Solving, Mental Flexibility

  • Motor Skills: 
    Fine Motor functioning, Hand-Eye Coordination 

  • Academic Skills: 
    Reading ability (Including evaluation of 5 features: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension), Writing ability, Mathematics ability, Listening/Auditory Skills, Overall Academic Achievement 

  • Behavioral/Social-Emotional Functioning: 
    Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness & Social Relationships, Decision Making


What is the time frame of this process ? 
Although highly individualized and time may vary, Dr Zoabi makes every effort to complete cases within six to eight weeks. 

What does the process entail?
Evaluations are a four step process: 

Step 1: The evaluation begins with a psychosocial intake with the client (if over the age of 18) or the legal guardians of the client (if the client is school age).  This includes a comprehensive review of the client's development in utero (if known) to present. The referral question, or the reason for scheduling this evaluation will be discussed. * This may take place in person or virtually. 

Step 2: Dr Zoabi meets with the client and conducts preliminary testing guided by the referral question. She then determines other necessary assessments and plans for follow-up testing with the client at a later time. Dr Zoabi will likely meet with the client on several occasions to complete the testing process. *All testing with the client takes place in person.* 

Guardians, teachers and others who regularly interact with the client, may be asked to fill out rating scales during this step of the process.

Step 3: ​The results of the assessments and rating scales are analyzed and presented to clients/guardians in a report. The report is written and presented in such a way as easy to interpret and with as little medical/psychological jargon as possible. The report will include detailed recommendations for the clients school and home, based on the client's performance during the evaluation process, as well as for any diagnoses discovered during the evaluation process. 

Step 4: Once the clients/guardians review the report, a supplemental meeting with Dr Zoabi will be scheduled to review the report and answer any specific questions. This meeting may be in person or virtual. 

Can I use my insurance? 
Pleasantville Wellness and Dr Zoabi are not in network with any insurance plans. If the client/guardian has out-of-network benefits as part of their insurance coverage we will provide a superbill that can be submitted for partial reimbursement (dependent on individual plan %).  

What is the cost of testing ? 
The cost of neuropsychological evaluation is individualized based on amount of testing and length of time that the report takes. After an initial intake call we will be able to provide you with the full cost as well as what may or may not be reimbursed by your insurance. 

Is there a payment plan? 
We offer a payment plan that must be agreed upon and followed prior to beginning the process. Traditionally following a schedule of 20% of the total cost paid at time of intake, 20% of total cost at the date of the first testing session, and the final 60% paid at completion of testing prior to report being sent. Client/Guardian will have report within 24 hours of final payment. This is a typical fee schedule but can be amended to suit your needs. All payments must be completed prior to receiving the report. 

About Manal Zoabi PhD.

  A graduate of Fordham University, Dr. Zoabi’s doctoral dissertation centered on self-efficacy and social support as protective factors against discrimination in high school students. Identifying strengths to promote resilience in adverse situations is a guiding principle of hers.  

  Dr. Zoabi has a strong foundation in therapeutic interventions, evaluation, and consultation.  She is a practicing school and clinical psychologist in New York with a keen interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion in educational systems, especially for students with disabilities. Dr. Zoabi has expertise in SLD identification, ASD and ADHD diagnosis, and differential diagnosis for a range of mental health conditions. 

In addition, working with families and learning teams to understand a child’s development is a passion of hers. Prior to working as a psychologist, Dr. Zoabi served as associate director for a social-emotional learning program at The Ackerman Institute for the Family, in NYC.  In her spare time, Dr. Zoabi loves to cook, gather with friends and family, and explore new places with her husband and two children. 
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