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5 benefits of rest

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Rest - I’ve been thinking about it a lot while I spend time here on the beach with two young kids ... NOT resting.

It’s one of the great mysteries of the modern adult. I laugh every time I see a post that says “currently trying to figure out how to balance; parenting, a clean house, healthy cooking, enough exercise, maintaining relationships, my mental health and laundry.“

But also will always silently think .. yes same. How tf do I do that? **I’m not giving away any secret answers here. I for sure don’t have them. My house is insane and our nutrition is questionable (my kids absolutely think nuggets are a food group).

Here’s what I do know. From both a professional POV and a personal one. We do better when we add rest and downtime in. All of us. Whether it’s active or passive rest, it impacts us across the board. These are the top 5 ways rest benefits us:

  • Reduces Stress

  • Promotes healing & reduces inflammation

  • Improves productivity & decision making skills

  • Restores mental energy

  • Boosts creativity

Many of my clients can attest that I often let them know in no uncertain term that they are terrible at resting. Over scheduling, overworking, being available all the time leaves us feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. In the same breath planning rest time or time off to be productive and meaningful can also leave us feeling this way.

It’s ok, to watch a show just for fun, you don’t have to watch a documentary and learn something every single time. My clients can attest I recommend Bravo TV housewife series as a perfect rest hour. Little to no brain activity needed plenty of enjoyment and your body can recharge.

If you need permission to read a book just for fun ... consider this your permission. That easy beach read? The light lit mystery? YA? Do it, a palate cleanser if you will, for your brain.

Some other ways to rest if you struggle with this can be:

  • Take a walk, not for exercise or burning calories but to give yourself a break and moment to breathe.

  • Take a bath

  • Practice deep breathing a few times a day

  • Practice gratitude

  • Connect with a friend

  • Exercise in a way that celebrates what your body is capable of.

  • Good sleep hygiene

  • Meditation

  • Take a nap (if you have young kids my condolences since you cannot do this one)

  • Spend some time in nature

  • Organize a part of your living space

  • Creative activity

  • Take real time away from work if you can.

  • Say no to plans or activities that feel overwhelming or you don’t want to do.

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