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Everything you need to know about PWG!

Closing out our first month here at Pleasantville Wellness Group and we couldn't be more excited about how it's going. The space is gorgeous, feels warm and inviting and most importantly safe.

We have somehow been lucky enough to put together the MOST amazing team of clinicians that we think everyone should meet. (Maybe not so much luck ... 100% I would work for us too ... and let's be honest. Who couldn't benefit from therapy?)

Here's the down and dirty info I'm sure you're dying to know.

  • The couch is from Ashley furniture and is comfortable AF.

  • Ahimsa's husband built the art/sandtray table and she is now putting a dining room table on his to do list.

  • We don't take insurance but we will bill your insurance company for you if you have out of network benefits. *We get it, ins is confusing and weird. We can explain more.*

  • We DO offer sliding scale sessions (we believe therapy should be affordable and accessible. Therapy isn't a luxury just for the privileged. Contact us if you need financial assistance.)

  • You can pay using your HSA card, or a regular credit card.

  • Session fees without insurance are $150.

  • Sliding scale options go down to 80% off depending on income.

  • We have a skilled and experienced clinician who can work with any issue you are facing, when we were dreaming about this group the thing that was the most important was that we would be inclusive to all people and struggles.

  • We have sessions available everyday and at all hours ( normal hours, no 1am ragers here)

  • We offer in person, and online sessions. If you value the quick and easy drop in style of virtual meetings ...we got you.

We can't wait to keep meeting everyone and keep providing the kind of kick ass quality therapy that you all deserve.

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