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So its gonna be forever ...

Click that link for a short story on self sabotage and a cameo by this Croc wearing theradentist cutie. (I don't know what it is either but apparently its what my kids think I do.)

Ever hear the question “what’s stopping you?” Take look around and realize it’s you? Whether it’s wasting time or energy on things you can zone out too- Netflix, social media. Things serving little to no use, Amazon shoppers unite? Downplaying the seriousness of a situation or flat out ignoring uncomfortable emotions we all get ourselves tripped up in a variety of ways.

The first part of moving through this is to acknowledge that we are doing it. Bring some awareness around the behaviors you are using to avoid being uncomfortable, challenging yourself, moving on from things (or people) that don’t serve you.

Don’t get me wrong - there’s always room for a binge worth show or some unproductive down time. And there’s always a time and a place for some dark humor. But if you are using that simply to avoid ? Well. Maybe you want a little more for yourself ? ❤️

And don’t worry ... even we feel attacked on this one.

** We at PWG strongly advise seeing a therapist who has been to at LEAST kindergarten. The child involved in this video has been begging with his sister to get dressed like a theradentist and come to work with mommy. This was their time to shine**

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