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Pleasantville Wellness Group is your community haven, providing compassionate care and support to patients of all ages and walks of life.  Our team of licensed clinicians have a wide range of specialties to help you find the peace of mind and comfort that is eluding you.

Whether you are struggling with an immediate challenge, working through past trauma, or trying to answer the larger questions of life, we are here to support you through the journey.  We offer individual, group, and couples counseling so that you can find the therapeutic environment best suited for your unique needs.

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Co -Founders Ahimsa Luciano & Kelly Keck 
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Kelly and Ahimsa met many years ago and realized they have a shared vision: that mental health matters and proper therapy can make a huge impact on someone's life. 

Because they both feel passionate about the fact that quality therapy should be affordable and accessible, they daydreamed about a place that offered that opportunity to everyone. 


The kind of therapy that can be life changing or push you into new stages of growth or personal development should not be a luxury be for those only with insurance or the financial means to afford a weekly session. Thus, PWG was born, Kelly and Ahimsa have worked hard to create a group that offers multiple options for all clients to find the kind of therapy that best suits their needs.


Offering scholarships and subsidies for therapy PWG raises the money through donations and merchandise sold, take a look here

PWG focuses on customizing plans to meet clients where they are.  Kelly and Ahimsa work with the best clinicians in all modalities, who can support our clients in every life stage. They feel confident that matching you or your loved one with the therapist who will best match their personality and needs therapeutically that will create the opportunity for the greatest outcomes. Explore our page to learn more about our providers and philosophy that therapy should be accessible and customizable for all. 


450 Manville Road 
First Floor 
Pleasantville NY 10570

(call) 914-538-2438

(text) 914-538-2438

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