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Individual Therapy

We offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and families.  Our team has a wide range of specialties, including trauma work and children's therapy.  However, our highly trained professionals are ready to provide support and treatment for whatever issues you may be facing. 


Anxiety                                                                      Young Adults and Adolescents                               Life Transitions

Art Therapy                                                              Chronic Illness                                                            Grief/Bereavement 

Family Therapy                                                        Anxiety                                                                         Depression

Self Esteem                                                              Women's Issues                                                          Postpartum

Addiction                                                                  Caretaker Burnout                                                    Traumatic Brain Injury

Veterans                                                                   Trauma                                                                       Infertility & IVF 

Children's Therapy                                                  Body Image and Self Worth

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)                                                      

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


***Services Offered in English, Spanish, Russian ***

Group Therapy 

Groups currently offered or running: 

PWG is incredibly fortunate to partner with Serenity Stables, a non profit equine therapy program. Working with our therapists and their horses and equine therapists we have been lucky enough to begin supporting women in their recovery. We look forward to bringing more incredible groups to other populations as well. 

  • Equine Therapy group for those struggling with addiction

Groups that will be starting within the next 3 months: please reach out if you are interested or would like to sign up! 

  • Women's Support Group (virtual 25+) 

  • First responder support group 

  • Equine Therapy for Veterans 

  • Children's equine therapy group in partnership with Serenity Stables


*please inquire if your insurance is able to cover the cost of therapy groups* 

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