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Services Currently Offered 

Individual Therapy  
Group therapy 

Individual Therapy

We offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and families.  Our team has a wide range of specialties, including trauma work and children's therapy.  However, our highly trained professionals are ready to provide support and treatment for whatever issues you may be facing. 


COVID -19 Anxiety & Struggles                              Young Adults and Adolescents                               Life Transitions

Art Therapy                                                              Chronic Illness                                                            Grief

Family Therapy                                                        Anxiety                                                                         Depression

Self Esteem                                                              Women's Issues                                                          Postpartum

Addiction                                                                  Caretaker Burnout                                                    Traumatic Brain Injury

Veterans                                                                   Trauma                                                                       Infertility & IVF 

Children's Therapy                                                  Body Image and Self Worth

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)                                                                   CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


***Services Offered in English, Spanish, Russian ***

Group Therapy 

 Groups currently offered or running: 

  • Equine Therapy group for Women struggling with addiction
    (inquire for more information group is ongoing)

Groups that will be starting within the next 3 months: please reach out if you are interested or would like to sign up! 

  • Women's Support Group (25+) 

  • Equine Therapy group for Veterans 

  • Children's equine therapy group in partnership with Serenity Stables


*please inquire if your insurance is able to cover the cost of therapy groups* 

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