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Have a drink and do some good !

Happy November! ( I know ... I don't have any idea how that happened either.)

If you remember last month we launched our impact project, If you dont remember and are just learning about it today ... welcome! Kelly and I have launched an ambitious passion project to offer free therapy scholarships to those in need.

We are aiming to begin offering scholarships with the start of 2022 ... which in case if you have been living in denial like myself is in about 58 days. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Besides having some of the best food around and a new foosball table, Giovanni at Dolphin South Trattoria also thinks what we are trying to do is amazing!

Please be sure to stop by, have some food and get your butt kicked in foosball, Giovanni was sure to let me know he hasn't lost yet.

Without fail, I order the Detta salad every single time, and the grilled vegetables appetizer. So do not skip it. While you are there be sure to order a PWG Elixir!! A crisp and delicious apple cider red wine sangria, made of Cabernet Sauvignon, apple cider, OJ, cinnamon sticks, brandy and topped with apples and oranges.

For every Elixir sold during the month of November- Dolphin South will donate 5$ directly to the scholarship fund.

The past several months have been challenging for all of us and have taught us how important it is to take care of our mental health. As a community, Pleasantville always rallies to support our neighbors and we know this time will be no different.

Join us during this season of giving and help us make therapy accessible for all. Thank you in advance for your support! #mentalhealthmatters

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