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Bullying in 1993 vs Bullying in 2023

Ah, the '90s – a time when slap bracelets, grunge music, and colorful scrunchies reigned supreme. Back then, bullying had a different flavor, like your favorite retro snack. Fast forward to 2023, and it's safe to say that bullying has evolved in ways that even Doc Brown and Marty McFly wouldn't have predicted. Let's take a humorous look at how bullying has transformed over these three decades.

The Landline Taunts vs. Digital Disses

Back in 1993, if someone wanted to give you a hard time, they had to pick up a chunky landline phone with a tangled cord, dial your number (which was likely memorized), and deliver their witty insult with a voice dripping with disdain. You could always hang up dramatically – cue the satisfying clunk – and unplug the phone, ending the torment.

Fast forward to 2023, and bullying can now occur anywhere, thanks to the digital age. Keyboard warriors lurk in the virtual shadows, armed with emojis, memes, and a penchant for misspelled insults. Instead of hanging up, you block them, but they return with a new account, like some kind of relentless online hydra. You can't escape those digital dissidents unless you become a hermit with no Wi-Fi.

Note Passing vs. Memes

In the '90s, the height of covert communication was passing notes in class. These folded, triangular missives contained secrets, coded messages, and occasionally, an innocent "Do you like me? Circle yes or no." You could choose to ignore the note or crumple it into a paper football for a friendly flick across the room.

Nowadays, bullying takes on a more memetic form. Memes are the modern-day notes, but they can spread like wildfire. Imagine a meme captioned "You're so uncool, even your pet rock disowned you." Ouch, right? Instead of crumpling it up, you might resort to awkward laughter or a subtle "haha" emoji, all while your self-esteem takes a nosedive.

Locker Jams vs. Cyberbullying

Remember the classic '90s scenario of getting shoved into a locker? It felt like an inconvenience more than anything else. At most, you'd have a few wrinkled papers and maybe a granola bar to deal with. Escaping was as easy as pushing the door open and pretending to be unfazed.

Now, in the digital era, we have the ever-present specter of cyberbullying. It's like getting stuck in an infinite locker of negativity. Hurtful messages and comments come at you from all angles. Trying to escape is like being in a never-ending game of Whack-a-Mole, except the moles are insults, and the hammer is your self-esteem.

Name-Calling vs. Cancel Culture

Back in '93, name-calling was all the rage. Kids could get creative with their insults, from "nerd" to "cootie queen" – it was an art form. Of course, name-calling could lead to a good ol' fashioned playground tussle, but sometimes, it ended with an exchange of Gushers fruit snacks, and all was forgiven.

In 2023, we have something that feels like the grown-up version of name-calling – cancel culture. If someone doesn't like what you say or do, they might try to cancel you on social media. It's like being put in a virtual timeout, except the timeout lasts indefinitely, and there are no snacks involved. Instead of trading Gushers, you're left wondering how to rebuild your tarnished reputation.

Teasing vs. Ghosting

Teasing has always been a part of growing up, like the rite of passage to adulthood. In the '90s, teasing was typically light-hearted, involving jokes about your lunchbox or your crush. It was like a friendly initiation into the world of witty banter.

Now, in 2023, the term "ghosting" has taken on a new meaning. Instead of playful teasing, people simply disappear from your life – they're here one day and gone the next. You're left staring at your phone, wondering if they've been abducted by aliens or just decided that your friendship was as obsolete as a VHS tape.

Pleasantville Wellness Group

While we can poke fun at the changing landscape of bullying from 1993 to 2023, it's important to remember that bullying, in any form, can have serious consequences. It's essential to create a culture of kindness and empathy, whether it's on the playground or online. After all, if we've learned anything from the '90s, it's that kindness and a sense of humor can go a long way in making the world a better place – one slap bracelet at a time.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the effects of bullying, consider seeking support from a professional. Someone educated and experienced with bullying will work to provide a safe and compassionate environment where individuals can heal, learn, and grow. Visit Pleasantville Wellness Group to discover how they can help you navigate the challenges of the modern world with grace and resilience.

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